№2 Interesting places, Vladivostok, Shchitovaya Bay, Where to go to relax

№2 Interesting places, Vladivostok, Shield Bay, Where to go to relax.

In Vladivostok there are many interesting places where you can relax, take a walk by the sea, breathe in the fresh breeze, enjoy nature. One of such places is Shchitovaya Bay, which is located 5-10km from Vladivostok. To get there very simply go towards Shamora from the side of the quiet first village, exit on the right. Well, a navigator to help.

Beautiful place. Not everything is in the video if you take a walk farther to the left of the parking lot, you can see beautiful cliffs and the coastal zone, but this time we did not go there. At this time of year, good photos are obtained here.

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